My First Solo Art Show

Last Friday was the opening reception of my very first solo show, at my beloved Artist’s & Makers Studios.  It was the final product of many months of painting, framing, painting, ordering prints, drawing, designing postcards, preparing price lists, and painting.


To be frank, I was terrified. But I was overwhelmed by the response. Everyone was so kind. And, surprisingly, I was able to answer questions and talk about my art without getting completely tongue-tied. And my fellow studio members were so very supportive. (Thank you, Judith, Virginia, Barbara, Phyllis, Maralyn, Patricia, Anne, Tova, and Loren.) And, of course, Ronnie, who has her own ongoing show.


But the most overwhelming part was how many of my friends and family members showed up for the show. Thank you, Ian, Barbara, Ana, Ingrid, Charles, Tatiana, Brian, Keith, Linda, Alex, Amy, Shep and Nadgy.


I was really so very touched. And, of course, my husband was there by my side. As he always is.


I have only one regret. I wore my one and only pair of heels on Friday night, which I jokingly call my “grown up shoes.” Never again. Those shoes are officially retired.